A new approach to bridging into DeFiChain

Queue is the latest addition to Quantum, that enables users to bypass any liquidity concerns on the bridge by offering a queued transaction system.


Instant transactions on Quantum can be limited by the overall liquidity on the bridge. This can be a source of frustration for users who may face issues when attempting to bridge large amounts of ERC-20 tokens into DeFiChain. Queue abstracts away this problem and provides users with a different way entirely of bridging into DeFiChain without having to worry about the active liquidity on Quantum.

Key Features:

  1. Users are able to bridge high amounts into DeFiChain at anytime via Queue.

  2. While transactions aren't processed immediately on Queue, it allows users to bypass active liquidity limits entirely.

  3. Queue transactions are processed in around 72 hours*, with a transaction reviewer that can be used to check the status of a transaction on Quantum directly.

*Duration can change depending on amount, token, current network congestion etc.

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